Solar PV

Angler Star provides and installs Solar PV which is one the fastest growing options used for generating electricity and helping you to move away from the national electric grid suppliers. Find out more - call 0203 004 9192

Solar PV systems - what do they do ?

Solar PV can help you to cut your your electricity bill by up to 40%. Those who install Solar PV for their home or commercial properties also benefit from a feed-in tariff schemes operated by the Government which pays a set rate to property owners per kWh of electricity generated and an additional rate for any spare electricity that is sent back to the National Grid.

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How will SolarPV benifit you ?

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How does Solar PV work ?

Solar PV systems generate electric power by converting natural light into electric energy. The system uses a thin layer of semi-conducting material, most commonly Silicon, enclosed in a glass or plastic casing. Solar PV systems are similar to the small versions used on watches and calculators. Solar PV systems are produced as panels which can generate enough electricity to power large buildings.

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By exposing the Solar PV panels to sunlight, causes the semi-conducting materials atoms to seperate from each other. The electrons of the loosened atoms flow through the semi-conducting material to produce an electric current which is in fact direct current DC. Wiring carries the direct current through to a device called an inverter, which converts the direct current to alternating current AC.

The alternating current AC is fed into your properties main electricity distribution board which is used with your property or fed back into the national grid.