Loft & Roof Insulation

Angler Star provides and Loft & Roof Insulation which prevents rising heat loss and saves you money on heating bills.

How much could you save ?

Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home, a substantial amount of your heat is lost through the roof. Angler Star can insulate your loft, attic or roof. This specific heat reduction measure is a simple and effective way to reduce energy loss and reduce your heating bills.  Your investment in Loft Insulation will be effective for at least 40 years, and it can pay for itself over and over again within that time.

Loft insulation (0 to 270mm) Loft insulation (100 to 270mm)
Approximate saving per year Up to £175 £25
Insulation cost £100 to £350 £100 to £350
Time taken to pay for itself Up to two years From four years
DIY cost £50 to £350 £50 to £350
Carbon dioxide saving per year Around 720kg Around 110kg

These are estimates based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms, showing savings when you insulate an uninsulated loft, and when you top up 100mm of insulation to 270mm. (The recommended depth for mineral wool insulation is 270mm but other materials need different depths.)

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Types of insulation

  • Matting - commonly used in insulating stud walls and under suspended timber floors
  • Loose-fill material - flexible material ideal for loft spaces with awkward corners or obstructions and for irregular joist spacings.
  • Blown insulation - fire-resistant cellulose fibre, which is useful for insulating loft and stud wall.
  • Rigid insulation boards - made up of foamed plastic such as polystyrene, useful for walls, floors and ceilings where there is limited space
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Loft Access ?

If access is easy and your joists are regular, you can use rolls of mineral wool insulation. The first layer is laid between the joists - the horizontal beams that make up the 'floor' of the loft – then another layer is cross-laid at right angles to cover the joists and make the insulation up to the required depth.

Irregular joists ?

If your loft is hard to access, you can have blown insulation installed by an Angler Star professional, who will use specialist equipment to blow loose, fire-retardant insulation material made of cellulose fibre or mineral wool into the loft.

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