Internal Wall Insulation

Angler Star provides Internal Wall insulation options which will help to keep your home / buildings insulated whilst saving you substantial heating costs in the process.

You can benifit from Internal Wall Insulation

  • Reduces heat bridges formed by mortar joints
  • Ideal where no wall cavity exists
  • Provides reliable long term energy savings for buildings

Internal Wall - Potential Savings

Building Detached Semi detached Mid terrace Bungalow Flat
Yearly Savings £460 £270 £180 £180 £150
Yearly Carbon Dioxide Savings 1040kg 600kg 395kg 410kg 325kg

Estimates based on insulating a gas-heated home. Costs may vary significantly depending on level of work required.

Angler Star's Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Insulation is installed by fitting insulation boards to the internal wall, or by constructing a new wall filled with insulation material. Angler Star can offer the 2 types of Internal Insulation: Rigid Insulation Boards, or Stud Wall.

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Rigid insulation boards

Plasterboard backed with rigid insulation is fitted to the inside of your walls. The insulation is usually made from one of several forms of foamed plastic. It should normally be at least 60mm thick, and can be up to 100mm. The actual thickness required will depend on the material used - find out more about different insulation materials. Insulation boards are fixed straight onto the wall using continuous ribbons of plaster or adhesive. Extra fixings hold the boards firm, and joints between boards are sealed to prevent air leaking out.

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Stud wall

A metal or wooden studwork frame is attached to the wall and filled in with mineral wool fibre. It can then be plastered over, ready for redecoration. Mineral wool insulation is less effective than rigid insulation boards, so the filling needs to be at least 120mm thick. Instead of applying plaster, the frame can be covered with rigid insulation boards for even more effective insulation, and therefore reducing your running costs even further.

Contact Angler Star for good advice

As with all insulation options, there are several Internal Wall products on the market. Each customer will have specific bugdets and insulation requirements, which can be best achieved using specific products. Angler Stars consulation and assessment process will ensure all customer requirements will be met.