Infrared Heating

Angler Star can supply and install Infrared Heating, which is environmently friendly. You can make savings on substantial heating costs when compared with traditional heating options. Find out more - call 0203 004 9192

Infrared Heating

Our Infrared Heating Panels produce a gentle warmth that is absorbed by solid objects within the room – rather than heating the air like conventional systems. The heat is then projected evenly back into the room. The panels come in a array of decorative finishes including: Mirror finish, Decorative Print finish, and Personalised Picture Frame finish (special order).
Infrared Heating Panels can be mounted on to walls or ceilings.

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Features & Benfits of Infrared Heating

  • Good looking sleek and modern
  • Unobstructive heating system
  • Allows full use of floor area
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No co2 emissions
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Up to 30 year life span
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Health benifits of Infrared Heating

Infrared waves are like the sun’s rays and provide a natural warmth – stimulating our metabolism and immune systems. Disease, mould and dust are substantially reduced because infrared doesn’t require convection to circulate warmth – there are no chills or draughts to carry spores or germs etc.
Infrared heaters are ‘low electro smog’ devices, so there is no harmful radiation..

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