External Wall Insulation

Angler Star provides External Wall insulation options which can help to prevent heat escaping from your house and saving you in substantial heating costs.

Angler Star's External Wall Installation

Angler Star provides the External wall Insulation option for buildings where Internal and Cavity Wall Insulation is not the best practicle option.

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Why should you choose External Wall Insulation ?

  • Reduces heat loss by a substantial amount
  • Minimal disruption to the home
  • No reduction to internal floor space
  • Long term durability
  • Can improve the appearance of the property
  • Virtually maintenance free


What will Angler Star do ?

Angler Star has a well defined consultation and External Wall Insulation Service. We will provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quote for the materials, insulation work and quality assured certified work inspection.

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What is External Wall Insulation ?

External insulation is also known as Solid Wall Insulation and is applied by first installing insulation material to the external walls. Secondly a reinforcement mesh and render coat is applied on top of the layer of insulation material. Finally a decorative finish is applied.

Generally, external wall insulation is less disruptive, does not reduce the floorspace of your property and can also provide a ‘face-lift’ for the property.

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