About Us

It is the mission of Angler Star to provide an Insulation and Renewable Energy solutions for local Authorities, corporate companies and private individuals within the surrounding communities.

Angler Star

We offers a wide range of services to the property development sector including sustainable new build construction, energy surveys, installation of energy saving measures

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Our vision is of a thriving, globally competitive, low carbon energy economy. Achieving this through a long term transition to secure, affordable, low carbon energy on the way to an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will mean a transformation in the way we generate and use energy. As we look to the future, decarbonising our energy will change the way we heat our homes and businesses and change the way our industries operate. We need to drive down the demand for energy consumption, increase efficiency, reduce wasted energy and ensure that we deliver in a way that maximises the effectiveness of public money.

Making the changes offers great opportunity, creating a wealth of new green jobs as we reform our systems and infrastructure, helping to protect our economy from international price spikes, and insuring that our energy system is resilient and secure from a range of risks.

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Importance of Customer Service

Angler Star sees customer service as a big part to the key behind the success of our business. We have stayed at the fore front of the ever-changing requirements in the markets, ensuring that we facilitate the requirements of our clients to deliver the project that meets the expectations of their residents and occupiers. The key to the success of our business is that we are constantly striving to raise our standards of workmanship and customer service. We believe that if the customer is informed of what stage of works they are at and are made aware of any delays to the works on a daily bases, that there is a better customer satisfaction.

Angler Star is a community constructor and our aim is to deliver projects safely that exceed our client's expectations in respect of quality, time, cost and delivery.  With deep rooted experience of completing a range of projects we are able to afford technical and construction excellence time and time again. We are proud of our record in the housing, community, health, education and commercial sectors, embracing new technology and construction techniques.  We are particularly proud of our track record for training, apprenticeships and community engagement.